A frame and panel serving tray with spline miters


Handcrafted Wood Goods and Fine Art

20% of every purchase made is donated to those making face masks for healthcare workers, grocery store workers, and the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shipping times may vary during these difficult times.


Like everything else beautiful in this life, Ash + Iron began its infancy in the womb of its mother. After being nurtured for almost 4 years in warm fluids and love, it's finally time for this love child to meet the cold, calamitous world it was made for. Welcome home sweet child.


"As I lie on the couch, my heart feels wide open, and there is nothing to do or change about anything. All there is to do is experience it. No need to try to make meaning-making myths fit together or to exclude or fear any of it. All of it belongs. Here, I can love this moment and all the moments connected to it because none of this comes without all of this. The love. The suffering. The play. The adventure."

-Vishnu Dass


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Oceanside, CA, USA

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