Decades from now, as an old sage and shamelessly crabby elderly woman, when I look back on the life I've lived I would like to find that I was not afraid to try things; that I chased my endless curiosities and allowed the journey and the process to change me. I hope to be proud of the unconventional choices I will have made and the experiences I gained by refusing to give in to intimidation or fear of failure. I hope I will have been brave enough to pursue different trades and honor my passion for creative living as a big, knarled, arthritic middle finger to the exhausting and dehumanizing rat race we're all told is the only thing awaiting us in adulthood. I hope that my hands will have worked to make beautiful things more beautiful and that I will be able to see how the artwork into which I invested so much of my heart and my time became, in turn, a contribution to something that extends beyond myself.

Ash + Iron is the product of the longing to become the 30-something woman my future elderly self could smile upon. I want to hold it loosely in my hands and allow it to grow and change freely as I become better acquainted with who I am and what my creative process looks like. The things you've found here will not always be the things you'll come to find here as I expect that the artwork I create and the woodwork I explore will continue to change as I do.

After losing my dad to cancer in 2018, it became painfully real to me how undeniably fragile and transient life is. His terminal diagnosis was a shock to us all, and watching him fight and ultimately succumb to this horrible illness led to an extensive period of deconstruction in my own life. This immense loss forced me to question more seriously everything I have been told about life, meaning, purpose, and significance and has challenged me to find meaning and hope in entirely new ways. I attribute much of Ash + Iron and this new chapter of my life to my dad and the impact his passing has had on the woman I am becoming. 


Responsibly-Forested Hardwoods

Each and every piece of high-grade hardwood lumber we utilize is hand selected from a lumber yard in the Bay Area that sources their hardwoods from lumber mills that take part in sustainability initiatives and and practice responsibly-forested milling. 


Further, we make it a point to refrain from using endangered hardwoods so as not to contribute to the further desecration of regions around the world that are subjected to exploitative deforestation. 


Caring for the environment and remaining mindful of my impact on our delicate ecosystem is exceptionally important to me. I use 100% recyclable shipping materials including recycled cardboard boxes (made from 95% post-consumer content), wrapping paper, GreenWrap (a naturally biodegradable alternative to bubble wrap), and biodegradable packaging tape and sealable bags. For more info, check out EcoEnclose.




From June-August, a portion of every purchase will be donated to @nationalbailout toward the bail of incarcerated Black mothers. This is a Black-led and Black-centered, community-based organization focused on reuniting families, fighting mass incarceration, and ending money bail. 
To find out more about how this non-profit organization is fighting systemic racism and addressing the institutionalized oppression of Black women and families, please visit  National Bailout

Sustainable Packaging 

End Mass Incarceration