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Handcrafted Fine Art  |  Traditional Joinery

Locally handcrafted artwork utilizing traditional heirloom joinery and responsibly-forested hardwoods. 


It has been many a trip around the sun since I accidentally stumbled into the daydream of pursuing a life of creativity in the woodworking arena. There is something about the organic beauty of wood, it's ability to withstand time and to remain altogether wild and refined in both its raw and finished form that is grounding and inspiring for me.  It wasn't until I entered an especially trying time in my life that I grappled more seriously with trying my hand at turning this daydream into a reality. Alas, like most beautiful things to come before it, Ash + Iron was born from hardship coupled with a desire for a life of  greater depth and meaning. 


"Take a nautilus shell; cut it cross section. Gently elevate its swirling, chambered tiers as they approach the tight-bound center, culminating at last in a pinnacle on which we all stood. Note its asymmetrical order, its chaotic repetition, the grace of its linkages. Contemplate the ephemerality of its existence. Such is the beauty that is mortal life."

- N.K. Jemisin


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