Decades from now, as an old sage and shamelessly crabby elderly woman, when I look back on the life I've lived I would like to find that I was not afraid to try things; that I chased my endless curiosities and allowed the journey and the process to change me. I hope to be proud of the unconventional choices I will have made and the experiences I gained by refusing to give in to intimidation or fear of failure. I hope I will have been brave enough to pursue different trades and honor my passion for creative living as a big, fat, knarled, arthritic middle finger to the rat race that we're all told is the only thing awaiting us after college. I hope that my hands will have worked to make beautiful things more beautiful and that I will be able to see how the work into which I invested so much of my heart and my time became, in turn, a contribution to something much greater than myself.

Ash + Iron was born from a day dream to be the woman my future elderly self could smile upon. I want to hold it loosely in my hands and allow it to grow and change freely as I become better acquainted with who I am and what my creative process looks like. The things you've found here will not always be the things you'll come to find here as I expect that the artwork I make and the woodwork I explore will continue to change as I do. 

Monterey, CA, USA

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